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Since 1979

At PSSI Global Services, our sole focus is making your live television event the best it can be. With the support of our industry-leading transmission services, engineering solutions and event management expertise, you can count on a successful broadcast every time.

Transmission Facilities and Engineering Solutions

With more than 30 trucks as well as flyaways for both C-Band and Ku-Band, PSSI provides world-renowned engineering and production services, whatever and wherever your needs are all across the globe. Just give us a call and we will get to work for you.

Live Event Management Services and Solutions

Strategic Television offers the finest event and network coordination and management services available in the world today, making us the broadcaster’s choice for high-profile live television events ranging from pay-per-view events, blockbuster award shows and specials to high-profile corporate announcements and videoconferences.

Introducing PSSI International Teleport (PIT)

The teleport features 50 Ku- and C-band antennas that facilitate transmissions to locations throughout the U.S. as well as Europe and Asia. The teleport also supports worldwide connectivity via fiber, IP, microwave and mobile uplink. Learn more about our capabilities at

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Transportable Uplink Truck Coverage Map:

More than 30 trucks across the USA, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

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Global Time Zones and Clocks:

Find the current time anywhere in the world or compare the time table.

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