About • Overview

Production & Satellite Services Inc. (PSSI) was initially formed in January of 1987 to provide consultation and coordination of television production and satellite transmission services for the corporate, entertainment and broadcast industries.  In 1988, PSSI acquired its first satellite uplink/production truck to better accomplish this goal, and now has a total of more than 35 Ku-Band, C-Band and C/Ku-Band Flyaway facilities based throughout the United States, with approximately 36 staff engineers and 68 employees in total.

PSSI provides services for all the major networks and cable entities, and is a primary satellite uplink truck supplier for Comcast (including The Golf Channel and the Regional Comcast Networks), NASCAR, Direct TV’s NASCAR Hot Pass, UFC and WWE, etc.

In 2004, PSSI purchased Strategic Television, and beginning January 1, 2005, the two entities were combined together as PSSI Global Services, LLC, a Nevada-based corporation.  Strategic Television continues to provide the finest event and network coordination services available in the world today.  Since Strategic was first started in 1979, it has been the broadcaster’s choice for high-profile event transmission coordination on the majority of all major Pay-Per-View events (UFC, WWE, Top Rank, Don King Boxing, Showtime, HBO, etc.) and other special transmissions, such as awards shows  (Academy Awards, Emmy Awards, Grammy Awards, SAG Awards, Golden Globes, etc.), the New York Marathon, the MDA Telethon, the Tour of California and Colorado, 2006 World Cup from Germany, and the worldwide UFC events (Rio, Tokyo and Sydney).

Over these past 30 years, PSSI and Strategic Television have earned the trust of many major domestic and international broadcast, cable and corporate customers with the transmission of their sports packages, product launches, television series and their biggest special events.  Some of these customers include: ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, ESPN, ESPN Regional, Turner, Fox News Channel, Fox Sports, Comcast, WWE, UFC, The Golf Channel, NASCAR, The NFL Network, BBC, NHK, RAI, Televisa, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Mayo Clinic, Apple Computers, GlaxoSmithKline and more.

It is our view that PSSI Global Services offers customers the finest, most experienced, most reputable, one-stop, full-service solution for all transmission and communication needs and services available in the country. One call, one point of contact, one voice, one solution.  All of the equipment and services discussed in this overview are provided by PSSI Global Services. No independent contractors, no rental equipment, no hassles, no excuses.  A summary of our current strengths includes:

  • Strength of Reputation and Experience
    • Strategic Television (since 1979)
    • Production and Satellite Services, Inc. (since 1987)
    • PSSI Global Services, LLC (since 2005)
  • Leadership
    • Rob Lamb, Matt Bridges, Brian Nelles
    • Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business
    • GSA contract #: GS-35F-0554Y
  • Fleet
    • 20+ Ku-Band Satellite Uplink Trucks
    • 10+ C-Band Satellite Uplink Trucks
      (1-Dual Dish C-Band)
    • C/Ku-Band Hybrid and Dual Dish Satellite Uplink Truck
    • 2 C & Ku-Band Dual Dish Satellite Uplink Trucks
    • 2.4m and 1.8m Flyaway Antennas
      • 4 TVRO  (3m – 3.7m)
      • Hawaii-Based 5.5m C-Band Uplink/Grip Truck Package
      • Puerto Rico 5.5m C-Band Uplink/Support Van Package
      • Mexico City 5.5m C-Band Uplink/Support Truck Package
  • Fiber-Encoding Packages (6 total–5 with Honda Elements)
  • National Presence (C-Band and Ku-Band)
  • Personnel (Experience and Longevity)
    • 36 Experienced Uplink Operators
    • 32 Experienced Operations and Support Staff
  • MPEG-2/4 HD Digital Encoders – 150+
  • skIP Communications Uplink Package and Services
  • Citrix Computer System, IP Phone System and Network
  • Vimbiz Equipment Monitoring and Tracking System
  • Maintenance, Training and Engineering Experience
  • Commitment